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A homeless war veteran with a checkered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted on Christmas Day by three vicious psychopaths in Santa suits.
In October 2009, the filmmakers broke into the abandoned psychiatric hospital known as Greystone Park, infamous for its use of electroshock and lobotomies to treat mental illness. According to urban legend, anyone who dared enter the “haunted” institution would go insane. Once inside, the filmmakers quickly discover they are not alone. Encountering escaped patients, ghosts and demonic “shadows,” they descend into a terrifying realm of fear, paranoia and madness. This is the record of their harrowing experience.
HOLY GHOST PEOPLE is a Southern Gothic thriller about a teenager searching for her lost sister in the Appalachian Mountains, where she encounters a snake-handling religious cult and eventually learns the truth about her sister's fate.
A troubled young woman is convicted of petty felonies and placed under house arrest in the home of her superstitious mother, odd stepfather and a bunch of evil spirits.
Sir Patrick Stewart co-stars in this funny, heartwarming caper film about a precocious 12-year-old boy who conspires with three senior citizens to rob a bank in order to save himself and his mother from losing their house.
A young online app reviewer's latest assignment mysteriously improves his life, but also starts to tear him apart.
When four troubled teens and their social workers take a community service trip to a remote Yorkshire village, a minor incident with some local inbred youths rapidly escalates into a violent, deliriously warped nightmare.
A man trapped in an automated prison must outsmart a computer in order to escape and find his way back to the outside world that may already be wiped out.
A small band of rebel warriors defends Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John’s army in this violent medieval action epic.
Steel yourself for another brutal battle, as one of the few survivors of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to protect his family’s estate from fierce Celtic raiders. From the director, writers and producers of the original IRONCLAD.
This authorized music documentary chronicles the incredible life of Duff McKagan – founding member and bass player for Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and other bands. While Guns N’ Roses became the ultimate icons of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, causing pandemonium in their wake, the lifestyle caught up with Duff, leaving him close to death.
A young gang member turns his life around in prison, thanks to the friendship he forms with a convicted murderer.
OutKast’s André Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix in this revealing biopic from Academy Award®-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years A Slave). Covering a transformative year in Hendrix’s life from 1966-67, in which he went from a New York City backing musician to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of the sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend.
The Ward
Kristen and other female patients are terrorized by a ghost at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital. Kristen can’t remember how she got there, and nobody believes her story. Convinced that the other patients know the ward’s dark secret, she becomes determined to escape.
An attack on the new President of a fledgling Eastern European democracy pits an American covert operative against the country’s ruthless military leader determined to seize control of the government.
Killing Bono
Based on real events, Killing Bono tells the story of young Irish rocker Neil McCormick and his younger brother, Ivan, who attempt to become rock stars but can only look on as their school friends form U2 and become the biggest band in the world.
A bruising, decade-spanning chronicle of the bloody bare-knuckle fights between three feuding Irish Traveler families.
This inspirational documentary about Mike Peters, lead singer of the Welsh rock band The Alarm, traces the band’s rise to fame, as well as Peters’ battles with cancer and efforts to register bone marrow donors around the world.
Mateo follows America’s most notorious gringo mariachi singer on his misadventures in Cuba.
Metal Tornado
The Helios Project is a top-secret experiment to harness the sun’s power to create a virtually limitless new energy source. When an enormous solar flare overwhelms the project’s containment system, it unleashes swirling magnetic vortexes that consume anything metallic in their path. The magnetized funnels act like huge buzz saws, pulverizing cars, buildings and entire towns in their wake. The destruction only makes them grow stronger and, as these giant magnetic tornados spread across three continents, it seems mankind is powerless to stop them…
A rivalry between two competing barbershops on opposite sides of a street in New Orleans escalates dramatically, sending the lives of the owners, their families, and their friends spiraling out of control.
Kevin Sorbo stars in this sci-fi action film in which a squad of elite human soldiers faces down a powerful extraterrestrial army. When Kyle Matthews, a top sniper from the World Defense Force, is trapped in enemy territory, his survival skills are put to the ultimate test as he takes on a battalion of Cerulean soldiers, hell bent on wiping all humans from existence.
Pursuing a notorious Nazi war criminal in present-day Eastern Europe, a young woman uncovers a deadly army of zombie Nazi soldiers intent on the rise of the Fourth Reich.
Set in the near future, a virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. There are more infected than uninfected, and humanity is losing its grip on survival. Its only hope is finding a cure and keeping the infected contained.