LOS ANGELES (Feb. 7, 2013) – XLrator Media has acquired all worldwide distribution rights to the faith-based stand-up comedy feature film APOSTLES OF COMEDY: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, starring superstars of Christian comedy Jeff Allen, Ron Pearson and Keith Alberstadt.  The film, to be released domestically this Spring, follows the three stand-up comedians on their recent national tours.  APOSTLES OF COMEDY: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS was co-produced and co-directed by Mitchell Galin and Lenny Sisselman.  XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon announced the deal today.

“This film is a fun, high-quality program for the faith-based community and all fans of truly great stand-up comedy. This audience is typically under-served by most Hollywood offerings,” said Gordon.  “They are a large, diverse group always seeking relevant programming to enjoy.  APOSTLES OF COMEDY: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS delivers laughs for the entire family.”

Faith-based comedy is watched by about 35% of the U.S. population.  As raunchy material becomes prevalent in live stand-up performances, “clean comedy” like that featured in APOSTLES OF COMEDY: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS provides hilarious, non-offensive entertainment for all audiences regardless of faith, age or background. 

“Many families feel assaulted by what they believe is profane content in stand-up comedy today,” said Galin. “APOSTLES OF COMEDY: ONWARDS AND UPWARDS entertains without sacrificing core family values.”


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